OwnYourGram Documentation

OwnYourGram will convert your Instagram photos and videos into a Micropub request, and send them to your Micropub endpoint.

The request to create a photo will be sent as multipart form-encoded with a file upload, so that the actual photo (and video) data is sent along with the request. Most web frameworks will automatically handle parsing the HTTP request and providing the POST parameters and the file upload automatically.

The request will contain the following POST parameters:

By default, OwnYourGram will send a multipart request to your Micropub endpoint with the photo as an upload. You can opt in to receiving a JSON request that references the Instagram URL instead. You can then download the photo (and video) from Instagram's URL yourself rather than have OwnYourGram upload them.

The request will also contain an access token in the HTTP Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer XXXXXXXX

Micropub Documentation

To learn more about setting up a Micropub endpoint, refer to the documentation and tutorials below.